About the Artist

Hi! I’m Katie Taylor, a ceramic artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I teach and work out of 3rd Street Clayworks, a teaching studio in Tulsa. I took my first wheel-throwing class there when I was fourteen and now I get to help others find joy in working with clay.

My work is made using stoneware clay, reduction-fired in a gas kiln. I love experimenting with new glazes and forms. However, my main focus is to create beautiful and simple objects for people to use and enjoy.

I hope that my pottery brings even just a small special moment to each day, whether it be that mug that you use every day because it has the most comfortable handle or a teapot that makes you feel fancy when you use it, or a weird little tiny pot that you rub on your face sometimes because the glaze feels nice (my personal favorite). Thank you for loving pottery as much as I do and for supporting craftspeople like me.